Skin Treatment in the Spa


The spa is an old practice, dating back to pre-historic times. Archaeological discoveries show spa locations around hot springs, dating as far back as the 2nd millennium B.C. Ancient Greece and Rome practiced spas for body treatment and relaxation. One might suggest that a practice as old as this, which still exists in our days, might have great importance and use.  

So what is the spa?

The spa is mostly used as a bathing location, where people come to receive treatment using water. In our days, an international standard spa has extra treatments using aromatherapy, hot springs, saunas, mud baths, facial treatment using various ointments, massages and more.
The spa focuses on skin nurturing and treatment of various skin problems. It is recommended for people with skin problems such as eczemas to visit the spa's sulfur pools, in order to restore their skin to its natural state. The spa also has other types of thermo-mineral water pools, each having different concentrates of various healthy minerals.
The spa offers mud treatments, meant to nurture the skin. The mud soothes the skin, detoxifies and cleans it, and leaves the skin clean and firm.
The spa also has exfoliation treatment, which is meant to remove dead layers of skin, allowing new ones to grow and returning the skin to its healthy and shiny look.
The Sea of Spa location in Ein Gedi is considered to be one of the best spas in Israel and the whole world, offering you all of the various treatments a spa can offer. We invite you to enjoy a most healthy spa experience, and promise you'll leave clean and refreshed. 

About Ein Gedi Sea Of Spa - Ein Gedi Sulfur Pools

Welcome to the Ein Gedi Sea Of Spa sulfur pools resort. Upon arrival, an enjoyable holistic experience of nature, body and soul awaits you. Two pools of Thermo-Mineral hot water straight from the depths of earth are available for your relaxation.

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