The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is a special and extraordinary water reservoir, providing an attraction of tourism from around the world, thanks to its special properties and medicinal benefits. So what is so special about the Dead Sea?  

The Dead Sea is the third in its salt concentration around the world, being beaten only by the Don Juan Pond in Antarctica and Lake Assal in Djibouti in the far east of Africa. The Dead Sea resides in the lowest ground on Earth, and its shore is around 420 meters below sea level. The temperatures in the area are relatively high, with an average temperature of 32-39 Celsius in the summer, and 20-23 in the winter.
The Dead Sea is an important health resort for several reasons.

The water of the Dead Sea has a high concentrate of vital minerals, making the water medically beneficial. Important minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Sodium get absorbed via the skin into the human body, and nourish it.
The air around the Dead Sea is clean of pollen and other allergenic materials, allowing people with allergy and/or respiratory problems to have the best medical treatment. The increased amount of sunlight around the Dead Sea also helps skin treatment via Phototherapy, which helps various skin problems like Psoriasis and Acne.
There are many tourism sites and treatment centers around the Dead Sea, all of which focus on the Dead Sea's healing properties, mud baths and hot springs. 

The spas on the Dead Sea have many treatment options, starting with sulfur pools, skin treatment using mud and Dead Sea water, sunbaths and more, providing your skin with the best treatment it can get.

Sea of Spa company offers you all of those options in one place. We promise you the best and most professional treatment you can get around the Dead Sea.

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Welcome to the Ein Gedi Sea Of Spa sulfur pools resort. Upon arrival, an enjoyable holistic experience of nature, body and soul awaits you. Two pools of Thermo-Mineral hot water straight from the depths of earth are available for your relaxation.

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