Sulfur Pools and their Benefits


Sulfur pools: Everybody knows what a pool is, and most of us know what sulfur is, but the question asked is: what is a sulfur pool?
A sulfur pool, as its name suggests, is a water reservoir, and its waters contain a relatively high concentration of sulfur. These pools are used in various spas in Israel and in the whole world. 
Sulfur pools are usually found around volcanic areas and hot springs around the world, and particularly in the area of the Great Rift Valley in Israel. To understand the use of sulfur pools in spas and their medicinal benefits, one must understand the properties and medicinal uses of sulfur as a material.
Sulfur is a non-metallic chemical element, and it is widely known to be used in manufacturing of safety matches, various gunpowder and fireworks, batteries and more. In addition to those uses, sulfur has important biological properties. Sulfur assists in production of two vital amino acids: cysteine and methionine.
The methionine acid is a rare amino acid, and it’s usually found in proteins in a concentrate of ~2.3%. This acid helps the biological translation and transcription of DNA, processes which duplicate living cells in accordance to existing DNA code. In other words, the processes of translation and transcription are in charge of building and restoring a live organism.
The cysteine acid is vital in stabilization of proteins, and creation of keratin proteins. 
Keratin proteins are key structural materials in creation of outer human skin, hair and nails, and help build and restore them.
Another important feature of the sulfur pools is the water’s temperature. The water is usually hotter than most fresh waters, and its heat helps relax the body and muscles, as well as the mind.
The sulfur pools are a frequent feature of spas in Israel. They are often visited by Israelis and tourists alike, and still are considered an excellent reason to visit a spa. The pools help the body restore its tissues, strengthen our hair and nails, assist cases of various skin eczemas triggered by allergic reactions or skin diseases and help us relax and forget about all of our problems in the world.
Ein Gedi Sea of Spa is offering you the best sulfur pools in the Dead Sea area. The pools are extraordinarily clean and have a high concentrate of sulfur. We offer you to visit our spas and receive the best treatment possible. 

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