Massages you Must Try


A massage is an ancient technique of acting on the human body using pressure. The pressure is usually applied by a therapist in order to improve the patient’s health, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress.

Massage dates back as far as 4000 years back, in ancient Chinese medicine, and since then has been spread to the whole world. There are many types of massage techniques which come from around the world, and here are several massages you must try:

Swedish Massage
This type of massage applies long and flowing strokes to the body. It has shown to reduce pain and joint stiffness, enhance flow of blood to the heart, remove waste products from the tissues and ease physical and emotional tension.

Swedish massage has become popular around the world, mainly due to its effectiveness and the wonderful feeling it leaves afterwards. *Aromatherapy Massage: This massage incorporates massaging essential oils from various plants into the skin, in order to enhance the healing and relaxing effects of the treatment.

The oils have a powerful effect on the patients’ mood by stimulating the section of the br /ain which is responsible for storing emotions and memory. This type of massage is great for resolving stressful conditions and improving emotionally-related conditions.

Hot Stones Massage
This is a specialty massage using special smooth heated stones. The stones are often volcanic stones named basalt, which absorb heat and retain it, and their heat is both relaxing and muscle relieving.

The heat of the stones is comforting and helps muscles relieve much faster and more efficiently. Usually the therapist combines this massage with the traditional Swedish massage for the ultimate experience.

Deep Tissue Massage
A type of massage used to relieve severe muscle tension. Deep Tissue massage, as its name implies, focuses on the deeper muscle tissues, below the surface of the top muscles. The massage usually incorporates movements and techniques used in traditional Swedish massage, except the pressure would be more intense on the muscles, in order to reach the deeper tissues.

Also this massage is usually more focused on certain muscles which tend to be tense with each individual patient. Deep Tissue massage is great for relieving chronic muscle tension and treating certain problems.

Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is an alternative treatment based on the idea that certain areas of the body are connected to others. According to reflexology, applying pressure on the right reflex points can relieve problems in the correlating body parts. In order to know where to apply pressure, Reflexology therapists use “body maps” which point connections between different body parts.

The patient describes his problem to the therapist, who then links it to the correct area targeted for massage, and applies the right treatment to help relieve the problem. Reflexology has known to show remarkable results in relief from migraines, circulatory and digestive problems, sinus problems and more.

Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage used to br /ing physical and mental relaxation. The Hawaiian philosophy is that the body and mind are interdependent, and good health depends on having both of them well balanced in harmony.

The purposes of this massage are making the energy flow from the heart to the limbs and encouraging blood flow back to the heart, all using br /eathing techniques and intuitive, rhythmic massage strokes. Lomi Lomi is both a physical and mental relaxation course, recommended for anyone wishing to achieve good health.

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