Kibbutz Ein Gedi


Ein Gedi is a kibbutz, located in the Judean Desert on the west coast of the Dead Sea. It resides on a hill, in the shade of cliffs formed by the Great Rift Valley, and has a view on the Dead Sea. It is one of the settlements in the Tamar Regional Council. The kibbutz is at 400 meters below sea level, making it one of the lowest settlements in the world. The lowest point in the world is 416 meters below sea level, and is located right next to the Ein Gedi hot springs.

In 1953 the Nahal Settlement was formed on the current location of the Ein Gedi Field School. In 1956, the settlement became a kibbutz, and its founders were mostly seniors of local Youth and Nahal Movements. Before the Six-Day War, the kibbutz was far away from the rest of the Israeli settlements - the nearest settlement was several hours away. After the war, the new Israeli border made the kibbutz a lot more accessible, and it was not long until the Jerusalem-Dead Sea road was built, making Ein Gedi an important visitor center. That increased the amount of tourism in the area, and allowed improvements in agriculture. In 1997, a mineral water production and distribution facility was opened in the kibbutz.

Ein Gedi, also known as a botanical garden, was first considered a regular plantation garden in a kibbutz, but in 1994 became an internationally known botanical garden. The garden is spread over a tremendous field of approx. 25 acres, where one can find over 900 different plants from around the world. Being the only listed botanical garden including a settlement is what makes it special. The garden also includes many types of Phoenix and Palm trees, different tropical and desert plants, and various types of cacti.

How to get to Ein Gedi from different places in Israel
The best way from Haifa and the North is via the 90th freeway - the longest freeway in Israel, going from Metula to Eilat. The recommended way is through Afula to the Tirat Zvi intersection, the Valley Road on the 90th freeway, around Jericho and South to Ein Gedi. Estimated arrival time is 2 hours.

Tel-Aviv Area and Jerusalem
Getting from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi is possible via the 1st or 443rd(Modi'in) freeways. One should reach the city's entrance and follow the signs in the direction of the Dead Sea or Ma'ale Edomim. After the French Hill Intersection, keep going forward for about 30km on the road to the Dead Sea, pass by the Almog Intersection and its great pottery site, and take South to the 90th freeway at the Arava intersection, which leads to Ein Gedi. Estimated arrival time from Tel-Aviv is 1:45 hours, and 50 minutes from Jerusalem.

Go South to Beer-Sheva to Lehavim intersection and take East to the 31st freeway, which leads to Neve Zohar on the Dead Sea. Turn North and go another 40km to Ein Gedi. Estimated arrival time is 50 minutes.

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Welcome to the Ein Gedi Sea Of Spa sulfur pools resort. Upon arrival, an enjoyable holistic experience of nature, body and soul awaits you. Two pools of Thermo-Mineral hot water straight from the depths of earth are available for your relaxation.

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