Places To Visit In Israel


There are many fascinating sites to visit in Israel other than Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea.
One of the largest cities is the capital Jerusalem, filled with breath-taking historical sites.

Here are some of the best and most fascinating sites in Jerusalem:

The Western Wall (Kotel)
The remainder of the temple which once was on the Temple Mount. The West Wall is the most ancient and holiest relic for the Israeli people. During excavations around the old city, more parts of the wall have been exposed, as well as other ancient buildings from different eras. The Wall is also a central site for Jewish prayer and pilgrimage, and other traditional events. Many visitors who arrive at the Wall go through an amazing spiritual experience.

Tower of David
This tower was one of three towers established by King Herod. When Titus took over Jerusalem, he left this tower standing, to show the greatness of his victory to the world. In different eras, this tower was used as camp for Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusades and Turks. In each era, more parts were added to the building, and the greatest input was made by Saladin and the Mamluks in the 13th century.

Tower of David Museum
This museum tells the story of Jerusalem, over the course of 4000 years, from the times of Canaan until our day. The museum describes the central events of each era via its exhibits, special technology and, during the evening time, audiovisual shows in several languages which promise maximum delight.

And now we get to the great North and go to its best sites:

The Baha'i World Centre
This is the religious and administrative centre of the Baha'i religion. The centre is located in the North of Israel, in the cities Haifa and Acre, and serves as a primary pilgrimage site for the Baha'is. The centre includes the main international Baha'i institutions, office buildings, pilgrim shelters, libraries, archives, visitor centers, temples and great gardens. The Baha'i World Centre was established during the reign of Baha'u'llah in the end of the 19th century.

Any Baha'i activity around the world is administrated by the Baha'i World Centre, where they analyze their resources and make decisions that have impact on the whole religion. The International Baha'i Court of Justice, which is located in Haifa, is of high authority over the whole religion, and it is assisted by the international Baha'i educational institution, and other Baha'i institutions nearby.

The buildings of the Baha'i World Centre and their surrounding area, especially the Baha'i site on Mount Carmel and the Shrine of Baha'u'llah in Acre, are designed carefully with emphasis on beauty, aesthetics and amazing landscape, which are very important principles in the Baha'i culture, and provide an attraction for tourists and visitors. In 2008, the site was announced as a site of world legacy.

Sea of Galilee (Kineret)
The sea is an active vacation spot for tourists and citizens as one. It has dozens of approved swimming beaches, some of which include activites such as boat rides, water ski and paragliding. Some of the beaches are also accessible for the handicapped. Several beaches are open for the public without fees. Over the years, the Society for Protection of Nature made the Kineret Surrounding Path project. The main goal of this project is removing fences, waste, and other obstacles in order to create a path which allows people to walk freely around the whole lake. The path is marked with the colours White-Purple-White.

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